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NutzMedia Advertising Specials

 NutzMedia offers a variety of advertising opportunities to it's clients. Choose the one most appropriate for your campaign. You may contact a sales representative with any questions you might have.

Current Specials

We have a amazing branding special. The direct link package that covers a lot of our sites with a single text link.

 * denotes Sitewide links - otherwise front page link

http://www.nflslam.com/ *
http://www.nhlslam.com  *
http://www.24ksports.com *
http://www.sportzfans.com *
http://www.freaksports.com *


 If you take a look at any of those sites you will see a text link section, usually in the left or right sidebar where your 8-10 word text ad would appear. This is specifically designed with search engines in mind in the page placement and setup.

 This package runs $995.00 quarterly and has a yearly discount rate of 3500.00

Other Special Offers

Raw Traffic Specials:

For those wanting to just explode their traffic this is the deal for you.  This package utilizes all of our sites and partners and brings nothing but raw traffic to you.  This is great for building up your Alexa rankings and search engines see huge traffic boosts. 

  • Establish your web presence with the most affordable marketing solution available on the Internet. 
  • For a fraction of a cent each you can deliver a flood of potential customers to your website.

This is priced based on actual impressions so be sure your server can handle the traffic load before going too crazy on this one.  Be sure to include your URL and a short description in the special instructions line on the payment page.


10,000 hits:$79.95
25,000 hits:$149.95
100,000 hits:$199.95
250,000 hits:$299.95
500,000 hits:$449.95
1,000,000 hits:$999.95

 We will provide a tracking page for you to see your raw visitor count when we set up your account.  3rd party hit counters on your site do not accurately represent the number of visitors to your site or the number of ads we served. This is due to the large amounts of traffic sent to the site in a relatively short timeframe. Most 3rd party counters cannot keep up accurately.

Your site:

Must Not contain Adult content or Adult links/banners
Must Not contain any other popup windows
Must Not have background music or sounds
Must Not have scripts that alter users browser settings
Must Not have any frame breaking scripts

We strive to deliver your traffic within 30 days. Larger traffic campaigns can take longer. We do guarantee that all purchased traffic will be delivered.

Great Sites and Fantastic Domain Names for Sale

There are not many chances to get in with sites that are already partially there for you. This is a golden opportunity for someone to step up and hit a home run or ten.

We also have several sites that are no longer in development that we are interested in divesting. These sites are:

 GroovyLotto.com, PrimoLotto.com, and Fabsweeps.com
 sold as a package for $800.00

 MyNetClubs.com - $650.00
Perfect for a MySpace competetor

 4Barbi.com - $750.00
Developed as Barbie doll site, but could be a great adult moniker

 MojaveOnline.com - $1750.00
Fantastic type in and search traffic for a local area site that is a misspelling of the local papers web site name.

 GilbertRealty.info - 500.00
Well worth the investment as we got full price on our home sale or a great realtors site

 ShopVesters.com - $375.00
Not going to tell what we were going to do with this one, but just think about what the name is and you can figure it out.

 JobsforMommy.com - $1250.00
Great site to set up as work from home moms site.

 VWFan.com - $950.00
Self explanatory, huge opportunity on this name

 SNFN.com - $15,000.00
This was going to be the short moniker for our Sportz Nutz Fantasy Network site, we decided against fantasy so we will throw in SportzFantasy.com with this one.

 SportsNetBet.com - $3500.00
Great opportunity for a betting site, or a sportsbetting advice site the commissions here can be huge.

 We have also brokered for these NSFW adult domains:

 TitsTown.com - $1750.00
Great Niche Adult Site Opportunity

 FilthTV.com - $2200.00
Great Adult Tube Site Opportunity

 DVDGal.com - $7500.00
Amazing adult DVD site opportunity, already mostly developed and we have the contacts and will help get you rolling on this one.

We will listen to any and all offers as we will not be developing these sites and someone needs to snap up these great opportunity in names.

Thank you for considering NutzMedia for your advertising needs, for further  information or to set up your ad e-mail us at advertising@nutzworld.com

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