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NutzMedia Calendar of Daily Web Events and Miscellaneous crap we have to get done

Of course, every day it goes without saying that we do what we do at NutzMedia (Otherwise known as our Mission Statement)

 Our Mission Statement

  1. Rule The World
  2. Get lots of cookies
  3. Eat the cookies
  4. Get more cookies
  5. Eat those cookies too.

 We wouldn't mind making a couple of bucks from this enterprise, (or just expenses, for that matter) -- but we have something more important in mind...more

Our somewhat regular schedule of events. Updated daily

Our Goals

 We strive to get all this done most of tht time, but like everyone else we are human, so if you were expecting to see an update one day, nont worry it will be comning very soon. Please let us know if you would like to contribute and add to the myriad of thiings we are working on, believe it or not this calendar is only about a third of what we try to get accomplished each week. The more people who join in our efforts, the sooner we can get some more cookies! So feel free to contact us if you have any ideas, or want to get involved somehow. We could really use a good baker:)

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