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NutzMedia Advertising

 The most recognized alternative portal in sports and entertainment news and commentary averaging over 14 million page impressions and 5 million visitors each month, the NutzMedia family of web sites provide a powerful and credible environment for your advertising message. The unparalleled coverage of the world of sports and entertainment properties that users have come to rely on ensures that your advertising campaign will reach a desirable audience.

Advertisers will find exciting advertising opportunities at NutzMedia for reaching our high-quality visitors each month. From banner rotations to sponsorships, our integrated online packages offer advertisers high impact opportunities to reach the audience of their choice. Please contact a NutzMedia sales representative for more information.

Who are the NutzMedia Community members?

 Participants in the NutzMedia Community (Article Writers, Readers, Message Boards and Chat) are activists; leaders who take the initiative to cultivate and nurture their own online community. For this reason, NutzMedia Community members have gained a sense of ownership and loyalty compared to other websites. 45% of our visitors return each and every week to see what's new in NutzMedia.  Our users are proficient with computers and new technology and are looking to enrich their lives through new means of communication, entertainment and interaction.

Traffic Information

 NutzMedia  has a rapidly expanding base of loyal visitors, whose activity on NutzMedia has been growing at more than 20% on average each month.

 Traffic Information as of May 30th 2008:  Averages are from May 1st through 30th.  Because traffic fluctuates so much on a daily basis we provide daily averages to give a better breakdown of our visitors.  To figure monthly just multiply by the number of days in the particular month.

SportzNutz.com Channel:

Daily Average Pageviews: 102,086
Daily Average Unique Visitors: 4422

SportzNetwork Channels:

SportzTicker Sites: 469  - Serving and average of 1,200,000 views daily text ads.
Sports content sites: 203 - Serving an average of 760,000 views daily text ads.

General NutzMedia Channels: (including NW section and email)

Daily Average Pageviews: 182,000
Daily Average Unique Visitors: 24,215

Entertainment Channel: Movies, Music, Books, and Television

Daily Average Pageviews: 4256
Daily Average Unique Visitors: 1363

Games Channel:

Daily Average Pageviews: 2250
Daily Average Unique Visitors: 742

Computing Channel:

Daily Average Pageviews: 1035
Daily Average Unique Visitors: 408

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